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Unlocking a new era of drug development & patient treatment

Cognivia is cracking the code on the complex relationship between patient traits and behavior.

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Groundbreaking approaches for breakthrough therapies

We help clinical trials address placebo response, improve patient adherence, and reduce drop out by combining a sophisticated evaluation of patient characteristics and traits with machine learning. See how our solutions are breaking down the barriers to more effective clinical research and patient management.


Placebell predicts each patient's placebo responsiveness. Applying the Placebell™ prognostic baseline covariate in the statistical analysis results in increased study power, improved p-values, and a reduced risk of trial failure.


Compl-AI©™ is a unique tool that predicts the risk of non-adherence/dropouts to optimize patient engagement strategy - key to trial success and minimizing the risk of skewing final data.

Expert analytical services to characterize site differences

Why do some clinical sites perform better than others? Where does variability from inter-sites and geography come from? In addition to our technology solutions, Cognivia offers expert post-hoc analysis to help researchers detect and explain sources of clinical site variability and adjust data for cleaner results.

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Since 2013, Cognivia has developed innovative tools to tackle some of the most challenging issues preventing drugs from reaching the marketplace. We put a new, unique understanding of the patient at the center of drug development - and we've been recognized for it time and time again.

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The next frontier in clinical research & patient management

We’re proud to be leading the charge into the next era of drug development.
Cognivia helps clinical trials reduce data variability, empower decision-making, and accelerate the launch of new therapies.
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