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Poised to revolutionize clinical trial performance by quantifying and adding the missing link: patient psychology.

The connection between individual psychology and health outcomes is well-known; however, Cognivia is the first company to combine quantification of patient psychology with Machine Learning to predict patient response and behavior in clinical trials and healthcare.

Adding these insights from patient psychology into data analysis is needed to revolutionize clinical trials and change the paradigm. We put a unique, new understanding of the patient at the center of drug development.

We’re the ideal combination of

clinical trial experience, data science and statistics to deliver unmatched results.

The biopharmaceutical industry spends millions each year trying to reduce the risk of trial failure. Protocols are optimized to ensure that the right data are collected for the trial. Sites are selected and trained to optimize the experience that the patient has in the trial. Patient psychology, the one critical piece of the puzzle – the piece that is needed to understand how patient characteristics and experience will impact data – has been missing in understanding clinical trials. Until now. Cognivia technologies deliver the ability to understand and quantify patient psychology. When combined with machine learning, this powerful approach can reduce data variability that is driven by differences between patients.

Cognivia is your Insurance to de-risk drug development.

Our patented platform technologies are proven to identify and manage key sources of variability within clinical trial data; significantly improving the success rate of trials and reducing the risk within drug development. Traditional approaches have led to high rates of failure in Phase II and III resulting from inability to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy. To counter this, clinical trials evolved by becoming increasingly complex, larger, longer, more expensive, and more burdensome on both the patient and Investigative sites.

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The next frontier in clinical research & patient management

We’re proud to be leading the charge into the next era of drug development.
Cognivia helps clinical trials reduce data variability, empower decision-making, and accelerate the launch of new therapies.
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