April 18, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Cognivia’s journey towards reshaping pharmaceutical and biotech clinical research. Cognivia, an innovative AI company dedicated to advancing drug development through cutting-edge AI-ML algorithms, proudly announces a strategic investment of €15.5 million.

Vesalius Biocapital Fund IV, SFPIM, and WE have committed strategic investments to support Cognivia’s mission to integrate patient personality traits into data analyses, optimizing and accelerating drug development programs. This infusion of capital aims to allow Cognivia to deploy its predictive clinical trial solutions, decoding the relationship between patient traits and behaviors to expedite access to innovative treatments globally.

Cognivia’s solutions target critical challenges such as the placebo response and medication adherence in clinical trials. With Placebell and Compl-AI, we pioneer a quantitative understanding of patients as individuals, enhancing study power, reducing timelines, and strengthening patient engagement strategies. This funding will catalyze Cognivia’s efforts to accelerate groundbreaking solutions intriduction to the market and establish a robust presence in the United States. Through expansion and strategic alliances, we aim to empower pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver efficacious treatments to address unmet patient needs.

We proudly welcome the support of esteemed investors Vesalius Biocapital Fund IV, SFPIM, and WE, signaling a pivotal moment in our journey. With their backing, we are poised to accelerate our efforts in delivering data-driven solutions that enhance outcomes for patients worldwide. Additionally, we express deep appreciation to our historical shareholders, among them Sambrinvest, and Innovation Fund, whose steadfast belief in our vision has played an integral role in our growth and success.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to harness “the power of the mind” to improve healthcare outcomes.

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