August 22, 2023

Dominique Demolle, CEO of Cognivia, is set to deliver a captivating presentation at the upcoming DPharm conference which is scheduled for September 21 in track C, spotlighting EHR/RWE/DCT/Mobile solutions . The conference, renowned for its spotlight on groundbreaking clinical trial advancements, will convene in Boston, focusing on driving efficiencies in clinical operations and alleviating burdens on patients, sites, and physicians engaged in research endeavors. Cognivia’s prognostic and predictive solutions platform distinguishes itself thanks to its innovative touch: the collection of key patient characteristics to feed its models. Demolle’s presentation promises to provide an insightful review of Cognivia’s pioneering AI-driven platform solutions.

With the inclusion of individual patients’ traits in models, Placebell® has opened the era of individual patients’ placebo responsiveness prediction within clinical trials. After Placebell ®, and pursuing the uniqueness of its approach, Cognivia is now introducing Compl-AI, a patient-centric approach leveraging machine learning algorithms to forecast medication non-adherence and dropout risks ahead of patient enrollment in a clinical trial. Compl-AI enables Sponsors to implement proactive strategies for improved patient retention and elevating trial success rates. Tailoring engagement based on individual personality traits transforms patient recruitment and management dynamics, mitigating the challenges of non-adherence and dropouts. These strides culminate in higher data quality, precise insights, and streamlined trials.

A Decade of Expertise: Cognivia’s Breakthrough Solutions

Cognivia’s expertise, built on over 10 years of industry expertise, fuels the development of these groundbreaking solutions. Cognivia uniquely captures specific behavioral information, illuminating hitherto uncharted territories within clinical research. 

Cognivia harnesses AI-powered solutions to transform trial dynamics and patient experiences. 

The next frontier in clinical research & patient management

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