Research and Development

Our R&D is focused on the continued development and optimization of technologies to empower the pharma, biotech and medical device industries.


Tools4Patient has launched Placebell©™ in neuropathic pain and is expanding the Placebell©™ platform into several additional indications.

Research & Development

Tools4Patient is continuing to focus on R&D and develop additional predictive tools to enable and accelerate drug development.


Creating predictive tools that improve and accelerate the clinical evaluation of drugs

Expansion of the Placebell©™ Platform
Tools4Patient is focusing on expanding the use of Placebell©™ to areas including pain, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and beyond. Because of its ease of implementation and flexibility, Placebell©™ can be adapted and applied in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

T4P Half Image pipeline

Partnership Opportunities

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Growing together

We are currently seeking co-development partnerships to develop and calibrate Placebell©™ in new indications. These collaborations are structured to have financial and strategic advantages for the partner.

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Tools4Patient aims to stay on the cutting edge of development of predictive tools applying our AI, machine learning, statistics and therapeutic development expertise.  We are open to collaborations around new ideas and applications.

Placebell: Because Every Patient Matters

Placebell can be deployed with no risk to your data or statistical analysis. It’s the placebo response insurance policy your trial deserves.