December 16, 2021

Friends, colleagues and Peers,

Today we announce the change of our company name from Tools4Patient to Cognivia, to more closely reflect our mission to quantify the power of the mind to optimize and accelerate drug development

Since the founding of our company 8 years ago, we have evolved and matured. We have defined solutions that are supported by science and data, and that are now being used by companies from small biotechs to top pharmaceutical companies. 

We have advanced the scientific understanding of areas including the placebo response and medication adherence and pushed the boundaries with new statistical methods that can improve efficacy evaluation of experimental therapies.  

We have built a network of scientific collaborators, customers and partners, with whom we are working to move drug development forward. We have evolved into a multi-national company comprised of a talented team with diverse expertise and a keen understanding of our industry.

Now, we recognize that the fundamental parts of our DNA were no longer connected to our original company name.  Cognivia captures our most unique and defining trait – the ability to assess patient personality and integrate this into clinical trials using AI. As the name Cognivia suggests, we are improving clinical trials by way of, or “via”, an understanding of the patient’s mind.

We quantify the power of the mind. For the first time, we can now include a key patient characteristic – their personality – in interpretation of clinical trial data.

Our approach is simple – it is based on the understanding that patients are people, whose human characteristics influence their behavior as clinical trial patients. Integrating this unique understanding into data analysis helps programs become both more successful and more efficient. Put simply, patients need the next generation of therapies, and development of these drugs requires new solutions and new approaches. 

While our name is transitioning and our team expanding, we remain committed to our core vision of delivering medicines to patients while delivering value to all stakeholders in the drug development process – from investors to pharmaceutical companies to payers. 

Join us in our journey.

Best regards,
Dominique Demolle, PhD
Cognivia CEO

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