May 1, 2020

Tools4Patient, an innovative company that develops tools to improve clinical data analysis and optimize clinical trials, has launched COV-IQ, a new platform to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical trial patients. COV-IQ aims to quantify the effect of emotional stress, change in trial conduct and changes in social structure on each trial subject. This additional insight can help biopharma companies address the inherent challenges in analyzing data from clinical trials ongoing through the COVID crisis.  

The COV-IQ approach takes advantage of Tools4Patient’s expertise in psychological profiling and suite of proprietary questionnaires, together called the Multi-Dimensional Psychological Questionnaire (MPsQ). These questionnaires evaluate trial patients along 4 axes: innate psychological traits, expectation, patient perception of clinical site staff and environment (i.e. contextual factors) and social factors. This information can be used to guide data analysis and/or can be compared to the historical database that Tools4Patient has accumulated over the last several years. Psychological profiling data can also be used with Tools4Patient’s proprietary machine learning-based platform to generate more sophisticated approaches to reduce data variability caused by the individual patient response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As an industry, we struggle to understand how to analyze data collected before and after the COVID crisis.  We hope that our experience using the MPsQ to understand patient characteristics and our database of clinical trial patients can be helpful.”, said Dominique Demolle, PhD, Tools4Patient’s CEO. “To understand the impact of the crisis on the data, we must first understand the impact of the crisis on the patient.”

According to Alvaro Pereira, PhD, Tools4Patient’s CSO: “The psychology of clinical trial patients is known to influence patient behavior in clinical trials.  While the COVID-19 crisis is clearly impacting trial patients, the COV-IQ platform could allow biotech and pharma companies the opportunity to quantify these changes and monitor their evolution over time.” COV-IQ is now available to biotech and pharmaceutical companies with upcoming or ongoing trials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 In addition, Tools4Patient is offering its Placebell©™ platform to reduce the impact of the placebo response at no cost to biopharma companies conducting trials to evaluate therapies for COVID-19.

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