September 16, 2019

Tools4Patient’s Placebell©™ technology has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Clinical Trials Innovation Challenge sponsored by IQVIA, Lundbeck, and LEO Innovation Lab.  This year’s challenge, “Designing the Future of Clinical Trials”, invited innovators to submit ideas designed to revolutionize clinical studies in one of 6 categories: Patient Engagement and Predictive Analytics, Smart Logistics, Smart Protocols, Wearables, AI / ML Trial Optimization and Wildcard.  

The Placebell©™ approach is a method to reduce the impact of the placebo response in drug development using a combination of personality data and standard patient data (e.g. demographics and medical history).  In this approach, these data are used as inputs to a proprietary machine learning-based algorithm to predict which patients will be high placebo responders in a clinical trial.  As a finalist, Tools4Patient will get the chance to participate in a 4 week acceleration program in which global executives from the participating companies will provide input and insight into the best utility and future development of Placebell©™.

Tools4Patient has been engaging with some of the most innovative companies in the life sciences industry to co-develop Placebell©™ in multiple indications and disease states where the placebo effect is known to be a cofounding factor. “Working with distinguished leaders from global organizations like IQVIA, Lundbeck and Leo Innovation Labs is a tremendous opportunity to explore the use of Placebell©™ in larger patient populations” said Dominique Demolle, Tools4Patient’s CEO.“  Placebell©™ has been validated in peripheral neuropathic pain, with validation ongoing in other pain conditions, Parkinson’s disease, psychiatry and ophthalmology.

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