Patients are people: a new take on patient-centricity

March 3, 2022

If you ask a dozen people in the pharmaceutical / biotech industry what the term “patient-centricity” means, you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. These may include the mandate to listen to patients, caregivers, or advocacy groups to better understand the unique needs of a specific patient population. They may include ensuring that the outcomes measured

Putting Patient Uniqueness at the heart of Innovation

March 6, 2019

Access to innovative therapies remains an issue. In certain diseases, the magnitude and variability of individuals’ placebo response (IPR) can confound detection of positive results in clinical trials. Despite the best efforts and investments by pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, patients are still waiting for optimal treatments.

Patient-Centricity at the Heart of Innovation

February 22, 2019

Tools4Patient was founded with the goal of developing innovative, sophisticated tools to optimize clinical trial design and data analysis, with the ultimate objective of providing safer and more efficacious treatments for patients.