December 13, 2023

For life science service or technology providers engaged in clinical research, it’s imperative to ensure compliance with international standards. Even though the ultimate responsibility for compliance lies with the sponsor, you are also required to adhere to the rules enforced by the sponsor. This blog post outlines seven key responsibilities for compliance with an important and

November 3, 2023

Recruiting patients for clinical trials is only half of the battle. Retaining those eligible patients over the course of the study to ensure reliable data is another common industry hurdle. In this blog, we explore patient engagement in clinical trials, including steps to improve it.  Patient engagement in clinical trials is a concept that refers

February 28, 2023

From internal communication and management systems to tools sponsors deploy to improve operations and results, technology is everywhere in the clinical trial landscape. However, these technologies are only as good as the security measures that surround them. In this blog, we share Cognivia’s approach to IT infrastructure and security. Despite the prevalence of technology across

December 12, 2022

Many sponsors err on the side of reluctance when incorporating new technology in clinical trials. This is because some technologies have the potential to overly burden not only study operations but also (and most importantly) patients. In this blog, we walk through Cognivia’s approach – and how we make implementing new tech an easy choice. 

November 28, 2022

Experts shared their perspectives from real-world trials on both classical and new approaches to manage the placebo response – and some questions arose throughout the discussion.

July 7, 2022

Q&A Interview with Gilles Scuttenaire, Senior Software Engineer In a presentation at BIO IT World 2022, Cognivia’s Gilles Scuttenaire, senior Software Engineer, discussed our custom, end-to-end data management solution for questionnaire data from clinical trials.  What led Cognivia to develop Unik-me, our customized software for administration of e-questionnaires and management of questionnaire data, and how does