Clinical Trial Technology: Why IT Infrastructure & Security Matters

February 28, 2023

From internal communication and management systems to tools sponsors deploy to improve operations and results, technology is everywhere in the clinical trial landscape. However, these technologies are only as good as the security measures that surround them. In this blog, we share Cognivia’s approach to IT infrastructure and security. Despite the prevalence of technology across

Clinical Trial Technology & Project Management: 
4 Aspects of Cognivia’s Approach

December 12, 2022

Many sponsors err on the side of reluctance when incorporating new technology in clinical trials. This is because some technologies have the potential to overly burden not only study operations but also (and most importantly) patients. In this blog, we walk through Cognivia’s approach – and how we make implementing new tech an easy choice. 

Q&A: Developing a Custom e-Questionnaire Data Management Solution for Clinical Trials

July 7, 2022

Q&A Interview with Gilles Scuttenaire, Senior Software Engineer In a presentation at BIO IT World 2022, Cognivia’s Gilles Scuttenaire, senior Software Engineer, discussed our custom, end-to-end data management solution for questionnaire data from clinical trials.  What led Cognivia to develop Unik-me, our customized software for administration of e-questionnaires and management of questionnaire data, and how does

Development of end-to-end data management to improve lead times

May 2, 2022

Technical poster submitted to the BIO-IT World and presented on May 3rd 2022. The implementation of an optimized data management pipeline might require multiple underlying technical solutions that should integrate perfectly one with another. It can be complicated to find its own path among off-the-shelf solutions, internal developments or a mix of both to achieve

Top 3 Risks of Unchecked Placebo Response in Clinical Trials

October 6, 2021

Placebo response is one of the biggest threats to clinical data analysis– especially when left unchecked. In this blog, we review the top three risks trial scientists must address (and how to address them).