June 27, 2024

Cognivia, an emerging leader in the drug development ecosystem, is committed to making a significant impact in the clinical research industry through its innovative machine learning (ML) solutions and strategic partnerships. With a growing presence in the U.S. market, Cognivia is positioned to drive substantial advancements in clinical research. The recent expansion of the company’s board and the establishment of a Strategic Advisory Committee mark a significant step toward realizing its vision of pioneering behavioral science technologies to address the toughest challenges in patient treatment. By integrating comprehensive psychological patient insights and promoting inclusivity, Cognivia is setting new standards in the field.

We are pleased to welcome new Board members: Olivier Houben from Vesalius BiocapitalSophie Sauvage from Wallonie EntreprendreEdith Coune from Innovation Fund, and Yves Vandeckerhove from 4Reliance. Additionally, we welcome Board Observers: Laurence Bovy from SFPI and Guy Geldhof from Vesalius. These professionals bring invaluable expertise and a proven track record in fostering successful ventures. The involvement of Vesalius in projects such as Forendo (the latter acquired by Organon for nearly $1 billion, contributing to women’s healthcare) and the participation of Vesalius Biocapital and SFPI in Ogeda (which developed a treatment for menopausal hot flashes and was acquired by Astellas Pharma for €800 million), as well as Wallonie Entreprendre’s involvement in CluePoints, underscore the collective experience our new board members bring. When it comes to 4Reliance they have partnered with Inovet Group, have been instrumental in guiding the organization’s growth, facilitating strategic acquisitions, and securing financing up to its successful sale to Orion Corporation. This experience is crucial as we continue to innovate in the clinical research landscape.

As we enter this new chapter, the strategic guidance from our newly formed Strategic Advisory Committee will be instrumental in shaping our future endeavors. This advisory team, composed of industry veterans such as Jeffrey KasherBert Hartog, and Graham Bunn, offers extensive expertise and leadership. Jeffrey Kasher’s 28-year career at Eli Lilly, characterized by major advancements in pharmaceutical development and clinical innovation, provides valuable insights into managing large-scale operations and driving paradigm shifts. Bert Hartog’s experience in clinical operations and digital health and his transformative and strategic perspective on clinical trial management are critical for navigating the industry’s complexities. Graham Bunn’s three decades of visionary development of e-clinical technologies, including his work at Parexel and IQVIA promoting the implementation of advanced technical approaches, further positions Cognivia to utilize groundbreaking solutions for improved clinical outcomes. 

Cognivia uses advanced data modeling and behavioral insights to predict patient behavior, addressing data interpretation and engagement challenges, thereby streamlining clinical trials and improving patient outcomes. Our mission remains steadfast: to empower pharmaceutical and biotech companies with predictive insights into patient behavior, ensuring that therapies are evaluated with precision and care.

“As we welcome these exceptional leaders to our board and advisory committee, Cognivia is poised to address the complex challenges faced by clinical researchers,” said Dominique Demolle, CEO of Cognivia. “We combine machine learning and behavioral science to minimize data interpretation variability, enhance patient engagement, and foster diversity. We aim to be recognized as a valuable partner and an essential ally in successful compound development. With a proven track record of accurate predictions and an unwavering commitment to scientific progress, we work toward better drugs for patients and meaningful data insights for our clients.”

With the collective expertise and strategic vision of our new team members, including recent addition of David Weiss as Chief Strategy Officer and Krinx Kong as Chief Commercial Officer, Cognivia is set to achieve success and significantly impact the industry. The groundbreaking integration of behavioral science and machine learning will continue to enhance clinical trials, ensuring we remain at the forefront of advancing healthcare solutions. We look forward to an exciting future and countless opportunities to transform clinical research, instilling optimism in our stakeholders.

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