May 30, 2024

Cognivia, a global leader in providing ML-based digital solutions to address data variability in clinical research, is thrilled to announce its expansion into the United States. The company’s recent successful fundraising of €15.5 million underscores the growing interest from biopharma industry stakeholders in Cognivia’s innovative platform. 

Meet Our New Chiefs 

David Weiss – Chief Strategy Officer 

David Weiss, Cognivia’s newly appointed Chief Strategy Officer, shares the goal to improve patient access to drugs and enable increasingly personalized medicine every day for a better quality of life for all. He will bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to drive Cognivia’s business and our industry forward. Committed to driving positive change, David will provide critical assistance to investors in life sciences, enhancing risk analysis and encouraging effective decision-making to foster efficiency and increased investment in drug development. David’s strategic insights will be instrumental in guiding the company’s leadership as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trials. “A bright and promising future lies ahead, and I am glad to contribute to this endeavor. Joining a company committed to innovation and patient care that aligns with my own professional values and purpose is an exciting opportunity.” – David Weiss 

Krinx Kong – Chief Commercial Officer 

Krinx Kong, Cognivia’s dynamic Chief Commercial Officer, combines an entrepreneurial mindset with tactical acumen. His extensive experience in scaling up companies makes him an essential asset to the team. Krinx understands the challenges faced by sponsors due to data variability, whether it’s patient heterogeneity – a complex challenge addressed by Placebell – or issues related to medical adherence and drop-out risks, problems addressed by Compl-AI. His strategic thinking will ensure Cognivia’s successful expansion as we continue to bridge modern clinical research models with longstanding challenges. 

“I am thrilled to join Cognivia and be part of this exceptional journey. The company’s and its people’s commitment to driving positive change aligns perfectly with my professional purpose and passion.” – Krinx Kong 

A Bright Future Ahead 

“For a decade we have paved the way to a new era where major challenges in clinical research such as placebo effect, data heterogeneity, and drop-outs can be addressed differently and more efficiently, while embracing increasing patient diversity. Krinx’s and David’s vision, leadership, and knowledge are great assets for achieving our business and strategic objectives,” says Dominique, CEO of Cognivia. 

Cognivia remains dedicated to advancing clinical research by providing robust solutions that empower sponsors to improve patient outcomes. The company looks forward to making its innovative platform of digital solutions broadly accessible to sponsors seeking to overcome data variability challenges while entering the new era of contemporary clinical research. 

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