September 28, 2023

Cognivia is thrilled to announce that Dominique Demolle, CEO of Cognivia, has been cordially invited to participate in a distinguished panel discussion titled “Novel Quantitative Analysis Method to Address Placebo Effects in CNS Trials.” This event will be held by chairs, Dr. Danièle Laverdure-Dupont, PhD and Dr. Eduard Vieta, PhD. Dr. Demolle will join eminent experts, including Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti, MD, and Dr. Anzalee Khan, PhD, Manuel Montoya, MSc, Khadija Rantell, PhD, Dawn Nelligan, PhD.

The objective of this captivating panel discussion is to delve into the perplexing challenge posed by large effects of the placebo response in CNS (Central Nervous System) trials, which often obscure the true pharmacological effects of active compounds. These obscured effects frequently result in high clinical trial failures. Recognizing the pressing need for innovative solutions, the session aims to evaluate the scientific validity and regulatory applicability of groundbreaking analytical approaches designed to mitigate the outcome variability associated with individual levels of placebo responsiveness.

Recent advances have revealed associations between patients’ baseline characteristics and placebo effects in clinical trials. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods have been harnessed to amalgamate these factors into composite covariates, offering precise predictions of placebo responsivenessThis pioneering approach, incorporating AI and machine learning, is poised to elucidate the variability associated with individual levels of placebo responses, ultimately leading to reduced residual variance and heightened statistical power in assessing treatment efficacy.

The session will include an exploration of the psychological and neurobiological drivers of placebo effects in clinical trials, and their key contribution to the variability resulting from the Placebo response. Real-world results obtained through this approach will be presented, offering tangible applications, while regulatory perspectives on the acceptability of implementation in registrational trials will be discussed.

Cognivia is at the forefront of innovative solutions in clinical trial analysis, and Dr. Dominique Demolle’s participation in this discussion exemplifies our commitment to advancing the field. We look forward to your attendance and engagement at this insightful event.

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