September 3, 2019

Tools4Patient (T4P) is committed to our mission of developing predictive tools to optimize the evaluation of clinical-stage drugs.  Along with our recent launch of Placebell©™ – a predictive algorithm focused on the placebo response – and our recent fundraising to support commercialization of Placebell©™ and further R&D, T4P is entering a new phase as a company.  With this, we are launching a new website along with a new corporate logo.

When T4P was founded in 2013, the original team started with the goal of developing tools that could predict patient response to treatment.  This led to the unprecedent idea of Placebell©™ – a technology to predict placebo responders in clinical trials.  The founders recognized the importance of patient personality in the placebo response and invested in methods to evaluate this correlation.  The team spent the next 4 years building and refining the MPsQ questionnaire, developing the machine-learning based algorithm behind Placebell©™, and rigorously testing this approach in multiple clinical studies. During this phase, T4P’s activities were focused on R&D while keeping an eye on the needs of pharma, biotech and ultimately patients.  Our original logo, defined by a pyramid, represented the large volumes of data that were filtered and distilled into a meaningful dataset.  The two complementary but distinct sides of the pyramid represented these dual scientific and business activities. Click here for more details on our Innovation Journey.

Now, in 2019, we have successfully launchedPlacebell©™expanded our team into the US, closed series B funding and continue to expand the Placebell©™ platform. We have initiated several high value collaborations with some of the most innovative companies in the industry and continue to build our expertise base.  This rapid growth has led to us to seek a new logo to better represent the current evolution of the company.  The radiating circles in this new logo represent the evaluation of volumes of data with increasing clarity, as well as the fundamentally dynamic nature of our business.  The new website aims to provide clear, up-to-date information on Tools4Patient, Placebell©™, our other innovations, and news and events.

Even though T4P has a new look, now more than ever we remain committed to our original mission of developing technologies to optimize drug development while keeping the needs of patients at the core of our approach.  We continue to seek partnerships with innovative biotech and pharma companies who want to stay on the leading edge of technology while de-risking their clinical development programs.  We stay dedicated in our pursuit of scientific excellence and continue to contribute our expertise to the scientific community. And, as always, we are pushing the envelope in our R&D towards the next generation of predictive of tools. Learn more about opportunities to collaborate or contact us for additional information.


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