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March 6, 2019

Technology Presentation made on March 2019 at the Patient Partnering in Clinical Development Conference, Berlin, Germany.

Access to innovative therapies remains an issue. In certain diseases, the magnitude and variability of individuals’ placebo response (IPR) can confound detection of positive results in clinical trials. Despite the best efforts and investments by  pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, patients are still waiting for optimal treatments. Tools4Patient is dedicated to accelerate patients’ access to novel therapies by optimizing clinical trial results interpretation thanks to IPR prediction. The complete package of patient information comprise usual demographics and disease data points but also patient’s unique  personality traits including outlook and expectations. Patient’s uniqueness needs to be characterized to optimize clinical trials results. Techniques like machine learning are critical. Our strong willingness to serve patient’s interest and assist the medical industry in getting safer and more efficacious therapies to market as soon as possible helped us to overcome the challenge of guiding innovation when using those mathematical approaches together with patient’s uniqueness. This strategic approach merge innovative thinking, patients’ interests and the company ones. We will present how we did it; how IPR can both serve patient’s interest and meet medical industry’s needs; as well as the challenges in transitioning from a pure R&D mindset to a commercial company. 

Technology Presentation
Dominique Demolle, PhD; Stephanie Alvarez
March 1, 2019
Patient Partnering in Clinical Development Conference


Senior Public Relation and Marketing Associate

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