Meet Chantal Gossuin, PharmD

Chief Operating Officer

Role at Tools4Patient

Chantal is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and oversees the clinical project management and clinical data management teams. Under Chantal’s leadership, these teams are committed to assisting and managing deliverables to Tools4Patient’s customers. They manage projects integrating specific sponsor requirements by providing clear, proactive communication and making sure that all projects run smoothly up to the final study data analysis and issuance of reports by the scientific team.

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Chantal completed her Industrial Pharmacist qualification at the Eli Lilly French Clinical Trial material production center. She then joined the Eli Lilly Development team in Belgium and spent ten years managing supply chain for global clinical trials in roles of increasing responsibility. She extended her Pharmaceutical industry expertise working for UCB, and then began managing all aspects of clinical trials while working with an early clinical phase consultancy company (Aepodia). When Tools4Patient was founded, Chantal decided to joint two former colleagues to be involved in a start-up company from square one – and has loved watching the company evolve and grow.

What is your favorite thing about working at Tools4Patient?

“After working on complex projects in a global environment with large, multi-national companies, I am excited bring this perspective to Tools4Patient. Tools4Patient is a dynamic, responsive organization whose focus is to quickly adapt to customer needs and deliver in the context of an evolving strategy. We are a diverse team spanning two continents with different business cultures, complementary expertise and orthogonal perspectives. I really enjoy working in drug development but even more now that we do it from our unique angle.”

What is the most important lesson you've learned in your career?

“Over my career, I’ve learned that the journey is not always easy; it is, however, the most difficult times that often lead to the greatest accomplishments. Working outside your comfort zone provides the best opportunity to broaden your scope, change your perspective perspectives and reach new goals. These experiences are the roots of progress in a company and in a career.”

Fun fact

Chantal believes that dessert is the best part of any meal – so much so that Chantal’s favorite way to unwind after a busy week or a stressful day is to share dessert with her close friends. “I am a pack animal”, says Chantal. “I enjoy working with close colleagues and am always socializing – even vacationing – with family and friends.”