June 16, 2020

Tools4Patient (T4P) introduces unik-me, our proprietary platform to administer psychological questionnaires to patients in clinical trials.  This cloud-based platform can be used to administer the MultiDimensional Psychological Questionnaire (MPsQ), T4P’s proprietary suite of questionnaires that evaluates patients’ personality traits, expectation, perception of contextual trial factors and social structure.  

“Tools4patient is very committed to improving patient experience and minimizing any burden of our technologies on patients in clinical trials,” said Chantal Gossuin, T4P COO.  “In that spirit, we have developed our own electronic questionnaire application – unik-me – based on our customer’s and sponsor’s guidance and feedback.” 

According to Guillaume Bernard, PhD, T4P Senior Functional Analyst, “ When starting the project, we focused primarily on the users (site staff, patients). Importantly, we have considered that any patient, suffering from any disease, should be easily able to complete questionnaires using unik-me.

The T4P team understood that clinical trials are increasing in complexity, number of procedures and number of study visits, and that clinical sites are supporting multiple clinical trials simultaneously. With unik-me, Tools4Patient has designed a platform to minimize effort for the clinical site team while maintaining patient experience and the reliability of the information collected. As an example of its simplicity of use, unik-me questionnaire administration can be initiated by as few as three clicks. As expected, unik-me is validated and meets FDA CFR 21 part 11 requirements.

By supporting the MPsQ with unik-me, Tools4Patient continues to deploy its strategy to address clinical data variability arising from multiple sources by combining psychological profiling and predictive data analysis methodologies.  The solutions include Placebell©™ to predict the placebo responsiveness of clinical trial patients and COV-IQ to address patient response to crisis, along with other technologies in development.

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