Understanding and Tackling the Placebo Response in Pain

For indications like Pain that rely on subjective reporting measures, the placebo response is a major problem:

A problem that snowballs into higher development costs, longer timelines and the premature abandonment of development programs.

And, ultimately, a lack of cure for patients suffering from Pain.

In this guide, we discuss:

  • How the placebo problem uniquely plays out in patients suffering from Pain
  • Historical approaches to managing the placebo response in Pain
  • A new strategy to work towards successfully delivering a cure

Download the guide to dig in.

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About Cognivia

Cognivia is the first and only company to combine behavioral science with artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) to improve measurement of therapeutic efficacy in clinical trials – and beyond. Cognivia technologies predict patient behavior and treatment response in clinical trials using predictive ML powered algorithms based on a quantitative understanding of patient psychological traits, expectations and beliefs collected via our own and specific questionnaires developed toward that objective.

Cognivia aims at harnessing "the power of the mind" and quantifying this unique phenomenon to improve clinical trial success rates, de-risk drug development and ultimately improve healthcare.