Predicting the placebo response in OA to improve the precision of the treatment effect estimation

May 6, 2021

The current abstract is the result of a collaboration between Unity biotechnology and Tools4 patient As you know, the placebo response is one of the major sources of variability in randomized clinical trials As a result, many trials fail due to a high placebo response. Unfortunately, this is also true in OA studies. However, within Tools4Patient, we have developed a Machine-Learning model named Placebell©™ that can overcome this placebo challenge. This machine -learning

Can Daily Self-Assessment Induce a Learning Effect Mitigating Pain Evaluation Error in Randomized Clinical Trials?

May 6, 2021

LEARNING EFFECT & EVALUATION ERROR At Tools4Patient, we are working on the prediction of placebo response and especially the placebo response with endpoints assessing the patients’ pain. As you know, these endpoints represent most of the efficacy endpoints in Osteoarthritis Randomized Clinical Trials. Nevertheless, the assessment of pain is, by nature, subjective and the risk is high

Interview on The Bio Report Podcast

June 6, 2019

Erica Smith, VP of Business Development, speaks with Daniel Levin of The Bio Report Podcast about the Placebell©™ method to reduce the impact of the placeb response in drug development”.