Tools4Patient Introduces New Brand and Website

September 3, 2019

Tools4Patient is committed to our mission of developing predictive tools to optimize the evaluation of clinical-stage drugs. Along with our recent launch of Placebell©™ – a predictive algorithm focused on the placebo response – and our recent fundraising to support commercialization of Placebell©™ and further R&D, T4P is entering a new phase as a company.

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The Case Against Excluding High Placebo Responders from Clinical Trials

March 10, 2019

Drug developers have been struggling with the placebo response for decades, as a strong placebo effect diminishes the ability to distinguish pharmacologic treatment efficacy of an experimental drug.

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Patient-Centricity at the Heart of Innovation

February 22, 2019

Tools4Patient was founded with the goal of developing innovative, sophisticated tools to optimize clinical trial design and data analysis, with the ultimate objective of providing safer and more efficacious treatments for patients.

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Predicting The Placebo Response In Chronic Pain Patients

October 15, 2018

There is substantial scientific literature describing the placebo response in pain, including characterizing the magnitude and duration of placebo response in randomized clinical trials.

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Compilation Of Frequently Asked Questions About Placebell©™

July 20, 2018

In May 2018, Tools4Patient (T4P) presented a webinar entitled “Characterization of Individual Patient Placebo Response: Impact on the Clinical Study Power”.

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Leveraging Historical Data For High-dimensional Regression Adjustment, A Machine Learning Approach

June 12, 2018

Samuel Branders, Ph.D., Data Mining and Statistical Research Scientist of Tools4Patient (T4P) recently presented cutting-edge research at the 2018 Promoting Statistical Insight conference in Amsterdam.

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