Top 3 Risks of Unchecked Placebo Response in Clinical Trials

October 6, 2021

Placebo response is one of the biggest threats to clinical data analysis– especially when left unchecked. In this blog, we review the top three risks trial scientists must address (and how to address them). 

Getting New Pain Drugs to Market: 3 Challenges

September 21, 2021

Each September, pain advocates and specialists raise awareness about issues facing the millions of people living with chronic pain. One of the most pressing? The lack of treatments available to alleviate suffering. In this blog, we look at three top challenges of getting new pain drugs to market—and offer a potential solution.

Where Does Placebo Response in Clinical Trials Come From? 6 Influences

July 23, 2021

Placebo response is a major source of noise in trial data analysis, muddying the results and making it more difficult to detect true treatment effect. We know that it’s a pressing problem for clinical trials that needs solving, but where does it come from in the first place? Patient psychology, expectations and baseline severity of the disease play a significant part of a patient’s placebo responsiveness.