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The FDA highlights the tools to enhance the precision of primary analyses in clinical trials.

The FDA released its final guidance regarding the use of covariates to improve the precision of statistical analyses in clinical trials on 26 May 2023. It is…

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The Placebo response in drug development Part 6: Allergy & immunology 

The placebo response is widely known to compromise evaluation of pain endpoints and has been suggested to contribute to as much as ~2/3 of the measured treatment…

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Using Artificial Intelligence-based Methods to Address the Placebo Response in Clinical Trials

Cognivia team members contribute critical elements to a recent paper published in Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. Cognivia co-authored a…

Type: White Paper
Conference: ISCTM
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Accounting for the high reduction of power due to floor effect in design of randomised controlled trials

Purpose  Outcomes in Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) are often computed as changes from baseline of finite scales (e.g.,…

Type: Scientific Poster
Authors: A. Ooghe, S. Branders, J. Paul, A. Pereira Tools4Patient s.a. (dba Cognivia)
Conference: OARSI 2023
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The Placebo response in drug development Part 5: Pain

Placebo-controlled clinical trials are the gold standard in drug development, in part to ensure that the efficacy of a new therapy exceeds the placebo response in the…

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Clinical Trial Technology: Why IT Infrastructure & Security Matters

From internal communication and management systems to tools sponsors deploy to improve operations and results, technology is everywhere in the clinical trial landscape. However, these technologies are…

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