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Using the Placebell Covariate to Manage Placebo Response in Clinical Trials

Erica Smith, Chief Business Officer at Cognivia, introducing Placebell©™a tool that can be used to manage the placebo response in clinical trials.

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Patients are people: a new take on patient-centricity

If you ask a dozen people in the pharmaceutical / biotech industry what the term “patient-centricity” means, you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. These may include…

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Predicting the placebo response in quality of life, sleep and fatigue

While significant placebo responses rates are often noted in clinical trials for indications like pain and depression, this issue can plague drug development in any therapeutic area…

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Leveraging historical data to optimize the number of covariates and their explained variance in the analysis of randomized clinical trials

The amount of data collected from patients involved in clinical trials is continuously growing. All baseline patient characteristics…

Type: Scientific Publication
Authors: Samuel Branders, Alvaro Pereira, Guillaume Bernard, Marie Ernst, Jamie Danenberg, Adelin Albert
Conference: Statistical Methods in Medical Research Journal
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Should strong placebo responders be excluded from clinical trials?

Using Predictive Modeling to understand the impact on assay sensitivity The placebo response is a heavily studied and historically challenging phenomenon for drug developers. Strong placebo effect…

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Impact of excluding highly variable pain subjects on the treatment estimation

The baseline pain variability (BPV) has often been presented as positively correlating with the placebo response (PR) and…

Type: Scientific Poster
Authors: Arthur Ooghe, Samuel Branders, Alvaro Pereira
Conference: CNS Summit
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